Glen Nant

How to have a walk in wet and windy Argyll…….summer of coure. First, decide that despite the rain everyone needs some fresh air. Second, pack a rucsac with essentials like bottles of water, apples and milk for coffee. Third, load everyone in campervan. Then set off on an adventure with a highly excitable little dog who thought she was never going for a walk again.

Destination: Glen Nant, a forest walk near Taynuilt. The campervan adds to the sense of an event and gives a dry space to kit up in walking boots and wet weather gear. Set off just as the rain is drying up and strip off as the path winds up and down and down and up and back and forth across the river. Return to campervan and almost collapse. The dog seems more tired than the humans. As you can see from the photograph, it was worth it!


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