Blogging Power

What started as a funny radio programme about “bloaging” (the commentator couldn't decide how to use the term blogging……it varied from the aforesaid bloaging to “blugging” and “blooging”) – turned into a testimony to the power of “this new phenomenon”. In fact, they were referring to the resignation of CNNs chief news executive, Eason Jordan. This followed remarks he is alleged to have made at the World Economic Forum in January, relating to the supposed targeting of journalists in Iraq by the US forces. The whole thing would have been a non-event, but for the blogging chatter that followed, and escalated into a tornado of discussion in cyberspace. It would appear that we are witnessing the start of the democratisation of the media, or what could be seen as a threat to the media. If news is something that happens where reporters happen to be, then news will soon become truly global as bloggers chat events up.

All power to the bloggers I say. 
And, in case you're interested, by the end of the programme, some friendly producer must have whispered in the announcer's ear…….b-l-o-g-g-e-r you idiot! 

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