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A discussion has been instituted o­nline about the Church of Scotland's proposals to create more flexibility in its use of trained ministers or clergy. Being a church without bishops is supposed to mean that individual congregations have greater freedom in the choice and appointment of a pastor. The b-word is not overtly mentioned in the lobbying document, but I suspect that it is as emotive as ever, even in absentia.

I have yet to consider and respond, but my interest today is stirred by the power of the internet, and the way that we have adapted to the use of such power. No longer is it a case of paying large postal bills or using up vast chunks of time and effort in telephone calls. o­ne click of the button and hundreds can be contacted. I wonder to what extent we recognise the compulsion to react. It took me years to realise that the wastepaper basket was a valid receptacle for a goodly portion of my ordinary mail. Similarly for email.

Changing people's minds and stirring up interest has become a discipline in its own right. An interesting thought o­n the day after the day after That Election.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “the b word is not overtly mentioned…”

     I suspect the reason is that the Church of Scotland ,unlike the Church of England was brought about by the Grace of God in Christ , and the blood of her martyrs.The Cof S is Presbyterian as you know and does not view prelacy,s (one person lording it over another , or others) a thing desireable in the light of scripture where the role of the Bishop was o­ne of servetude rather than elevation.
    As a nation we have much under God to be proud of , but none more so than the establishment of a church which sees all equal before God. o­ne man/woman = o­ne vote and the right to appeal from the Session through to the general Assembly.


                                                                            A Baker.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And when was the last time you voted for a moderator, A Baker?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear A Baker
    Oh that we were really all equal. As a woman minister I have yet to be convinced.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Freda,
                     Be assured that I for o­ne recognise that the first who carried the Good News was a woman informing us all that “He is risen” ,and need no convincing as to sex equality. Certainly I have preference , but that is based o­n the content that is preached rather than the package in which it comes.
                        I am grateful that your site gives oppertunity for comment and wish you a speedy recovery to full health and strength.

                                                   A Baker.

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