I am still at the being intrigued state over podcasts, though the promised BBC downloads are tempting me more and more to get myself up to date. Still, it is encouraging to think that books have not been replaced yet. There is nothing like the excitement of opening up a new novel; once the first paragraph has you hooked you know you are in for hours of pleasure. I like to ration out my hours, Him Behind the Wheel tends to read them at one sitting.

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  1. Graham says:

    There’s nothing like the feeling of getting lost in a book,suddenly looking at the clock and wondering where the last 3 hours went.
    Sadly something I have lost the habit of now I’m involved in this computer internet thing.
    I must have a least 6/7 half read books kicking around the house plus another 7 or 8 waiting to start I never have the time these days.

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