Prisms and Orthoptists

Since my last post I have seen an Orthoptist – to be honest I had never heard of such a thing, in fact since the problem with my vision has gradually been getting worse I have been on a fast learning track, finding out about all types of eye specialisms.  It turns out that the orthoptist is the one who works with someone who has sight problems caused by things like stroke, TIAs, diabetes, glaucoma and brain injury, as well as dealing with correcting squints and such like. The medics are saying that my problems are due to the mini-strokes and are now at the stage of trying out different options.

I have had a temporary plastic prism fitted to one lens of my spectacles. Amazingly, this has reduced the problem whilst I am looking straight ahead. Turning my head to the side still results in an amazing plethora of images and the horizon still wobbles about. However, I was so excited that something was giving an improvement that I couldn’t sleep on the first night after seeing the specialist.

What actually happens is that the prism bends the light inwards towards the other eye so that the brain can resolve a double image into one. It can only work within set parameters so it is not a cure as such, but it does mean that life is not so confusing. Happily, I am now able to watch TV clearly for the first time in months. Even the colours look brighter.

I think the next step is to check on progress and to incorporate a permanent prism of the right size into my everyday glasses. I’m not quite sure how that will work out but am happy enough to wait and see. My next appointment is for early December so at the moment it looks like there is a crack across the lens in my glasses. If I am honest, I am still getting very tired presumably because my brain is having to try and make sense of the varying images and distortions, but things are improving.

It is very helpful being able to look this up online though it produces as many questions as answers. I am going to take the advice of a friend and write down progress, queries and so forth, and use this as a guide to speak to my orthoptist friend next month. Many thanks are due to our NHS for persistence and thoroughness in checking that there are no other hidden causes.


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6 Responses to Prisms and Orthoptists

  1. Mina says:

    I am constantly amazed at the progress of medical science. There are so many brilliant people out there and we reap the benefits. Although regrettably so many do not appreciate this and moan about their treatment at the hands of the NHS. We should all be counting out blessings and thanking them instead of complaining.

    My little rant – sorry………

  2. Mina says:

    Ooops – typo – count ouR blessings not count them ouT

  3. Sheila says:

    Wow! I have never heard of such things! What a world we live in and this sounds like amazing progress for you. And I love how you embrace it.

  4. freda says:

    Thanks, Sheila, I am doing my best though I confess at times I feel like a wuss!

  5. Ray Barnes says:

    How lovely to have an actual improvement to report Freda. I hope this will lead to even better ones.
    I like the way you say you will “wait and see”. Let’s pray this is an accurate forecast.
    Every good wish and blessing.

  6. Dianne says:

    I enjoy reading descriptions of other people’s maladies. Not that you have the malady mind you, but that you can share your strength, hope and courage as well as any solutions you might discover, or insights you have gained. Thank you for sharing this. Makes my toe issues seem trivial.

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