No sooner do I start blogging again than disaster strikes – the words no-one likes to hear.   There is a fault on the line . . . . . .  All of a sudden there is little contact with the outside world. We don’t even get mobile phone reception or radio in this part of the Highlands. And it is frustrating to want to look up google for all sorts of facts and figures. The first two that came up were 1) Who was the first president of the US?  (Okay, I should have known that.) and 2) Was President Lincoln shot? (Of course he was.)

There was a #3 quite soon as well – an order not received from ebay – 100 snowdrops in the green. (Yes, I liked the sound of that as well.)  Today, with the line being sorted it was a matter of a few minutes to discover that they are on their way. We don’t have all that many snowdrops in the garden, but the few we have give a great amount of pleasure as winter creaks every onwards towards spring.

Then of course there is the matter of the end of the month bills.  Sometimes I wonder if we are all too dependent on the world of web. . . . . . .  but I wouldn’t like to do without it.


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