The joys of insurance

The joys of insurance don’t refer to the days when I started work in the insurance profession in Glasgow in the 1960s. That was the time of Chief Clerks, signing in, creaky lifts in enormous buildings, hushed tones in hushed offices and night classes at the end of long days. There was no such thing as overtime, but if we were required to work late we were rewarded with half a crown, “for your tea.”  I won’t tell you the story of me trying to stick up for others by refusing this derisory amount – there was enough bullying going on at that time. And female clerks were paid at a lower scale than males, because of the getting married and having a baby issue.  Things did get better as opportunities and training were made more proficient; I don’t want you to think it was all gloom and doom.

Hmmmm. . . . . . . . . . . as you may have guessed, I received a Home Insurance renewal today. The premium is very good but the endorsements have got stricter.

Think I shall be busy for the next day or two, comparing the Maybe I’ll even get a cuddly meerkat toy.

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  1. TBA? Yes, things got better, and still need to improve…a lot. This scandal in the military over sexual predators is really sickening. Dianne

  2. LC says:

    Home insurance in our area soared prohibitively after Hurricane Katrina. We had little damage and have the same insurance company but our policy still went up, but not near what it would be if we bought another home here. We have thought of building to accommodate age and my stroke-related challenges, but so far Spouse and I cannot agree on details, so we continue to age in place.

    Happy hunting online!

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