Kenny Ball

Couldn’t resist posting a video of Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen

Fifty years ago – I know, I know – it was the done thing to go to a trad dance at the local football stadium halls. We thought ourselves so smart because we liked jazz as well as rock and roll, though we still did the odd quickstep and slow shuffle to some numbers.  Then I hooked up with HBTW (It probably means something different now…..) anyway, we were dating, so the dances tended to be at the local uni halls. Fast, furious, familiar and oh so poignant. how wonderful that we still dance even today.

Cannot believe Kenny is dead and gone, and suddenly 82 doesn’t seem to be so old.

May he rest in peace with grateful thanks for all the pleasure and fun he brought to life.

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3 Responses to Kenny Ball

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    A thousand Amens Freda. I was a fan of Kenny Ball, Kenny Baker, Johnny Dankworth and all the other great British jazz musicians too.

    I still love jazz, though tend to listen more to the ‘old’ recordings than the new.

    In my day, I spent part of my (misspent) youth in Ronnie Scott’s club and the one I’ve forgotten in Oxford Street (I think it may have been the 100 club, or some such name).

    It was not something which most of my opera singer companions thought too highly of, but, for me, it was just as exciting as all the classical music I sang and listened to.

    Sad isn’t it, that there are so few of the old names still ‘ticking’?

  2. LC says:

    Oh, the memories of youth. And by the way, are you making new memories in your birthday month?

  3. freda says:

    The Birthday Month might need an extension – I haven’t really got started yet.

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