Twelve Resolutions

#1 is already set – all about being prepared to be braver in my opinions. In other words, not to be a wimp because I am worried about upsetting people. I suspect this is a non-starter as I don’t do conflict very well and to be honest, I find that people don’t really respond well to being able to agree to differ.

Can it really be twelve days into the New Year? Where did they go? I’m probably like many another person who feels a bit off-colour and sort of jaded. No – I didn’t overdo the spirits – at least hardly at all. However, this is the difficult part of the year when spring seems a long way off. As far as I can gather, January is the time of year when there are high sales for self-help and self-improvement books. I’ve not been tempted, but think it would be a good idea to start off with 12 improving resolutions, remembering of course to make them open and do-able.

  1. As aforementioned.
  2. Try to remember to count Weight Watcher points so that I can watch the weight graph start going downwards again. For anyone who is interested I have lost a stone since the end of April last year. Slow but steady seems to be the way.
  3. Try to take more exercise. This has got to be a no-brainer, exercise helps on all sorts of levels including fitness and mood.
  4. Try to build in some piano-playing into my routine.
  5. Tackle paperclog before it gets out of control instead of fire-fighting it.
  6. Enjoy sharing time with family and friends.
  7. Keep up on facebook.
  8. Remember to be thankful – a good discipline is to think of at least three things every night, concentrating on times when God has seemed very close. That can be as simple as a snowdrop blooming or as profound as a child’s smile.
  9. Learn how to do video-editing…….  don’t be beaten by technology.
  10. Have fun planning treats – why wait for the birthday months….. mine and HBTW.
  11. Try to avoid needless worry – this applies to all the nasties over which I have no direct influence, and alongside this, avoid anxiety.
  12. Remember God’s love is for everyone and try to share that love wherever I am.

Have you any special ideas for yourself?

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9 Responses to Twelve Resolutions

  1. Sue says:

    I don’t usually “do” New Year’s resolutions. This is because I generally don’t keep them and I think it is a bad start to the New Year to fail in something by mid January. I do make resolutions from time to time though- must go to the gym more, must stop eating biscuits, must get more life-work balance – and other which include some of those on your list. I fail in these from time to time as well, success is only ever partial. I wonder if this matters, keeping on trying, even when you know you will never be perfect, and being aware of the importance of forgiveness is part of being a Christian really.

  2. Mina says:

    You are certainly setting yourself an ambitious set of targets. Keep us posted on those achieved – to give us a boost in our own plans.

  3. freda says:

    So far I am not really getting to grips – procrastination and all of that……… will report on successes and failures in due course.

  4. Dianne says:

    Great Resolutions. One of mine (ours) is to restart Yoga for “seniors.” Hopefully, this will be the kind we can do with chairs. Another is to continue with WW. Someday, someone will tell me how much a “stone” is in terms of pounds. Dianne

  5. LC says:

    Noble resolutions all. And, like Dianne, I didn’t know what a stone equaled in pounds. I was impressed to learn from wikipedia that the stone you have lost equals 14 pounds. The knowledge of that success must be what fuels your courage to adopt such ambitious resolutions.

    And my 2013 resolutions? The best and most needed one I should make is to Do It Now, instead of procrastinating. Alas, it is already Jan. 19, so I think I will probably put that resolution off till another time.

    At my occupational therapist’s urging, several months ago I started keeping a list of new ways I involve my stroke-affected left hand in daily activities. Instead of resolutions, I may just continue to celebrate life’s small triumphs, comedies and wonders.

  6. I love your blog and am looking forward to future posts. Your 100 favorite things has inspired me to work on my own list. I am interested in learning about the charity knitting patterns. What charity receives the knitted sweaters? I lived in Dunoon 1964-1966. I was middle school age and attended Dunoon Primary for 6th and 7th years. My father was in the US Navy assigned to the ship in Holy Loch. I had learned to knit prior moving to Scotland, but my knitting skills were enhanced while in Scotland. I loved the frequent trips to the Scotch Wool Shop. Looking forward to more of your posts!

  7. freda says:

    Thanks for visiting, Georgia, I enjoyed your own list of favourite things. Dunoon is a much sleepier place than it used to be in the days of the naval bases.

  8. Anne says:

    The best thing about your list is that most of the resolutions start with the word “try”. All of these things you list are definitely worth trying.

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