B2011 GlenstraereflectionsNot long now till my favourite time of the year. Come March – my Birthday Month, in case anyone has forgotten – the signs of spring are evident all around: crocuses, buds swelling on the bushes, birds getting vocal and busy….. and looking forward to the clocks changing, thus giving more hours of daylight. A good time.

February is an “almost there” kind of month. It coincides with the season of Lent which is also about waiting. Many people look on it as a time of reflection and a spiritual spring-cleaning. It ends in the hope and mystery of Easter. Many Christians have a tradition of giving up something they like. One year I gave up coffee……..  thereby discovering how addicted I had become.  Even children join in, maybe trying to give up chocolate or sweets. Another year I decided to give up guilt. A strange thought because after all, Lent is a time for remembering our human faults and failings.

This year, I cannot seem to raise any great enthusiasm, so maybe I should just look back to my New Year Resolutions, remind myself of them and get on with reminding people they are loved.

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5 Responses to Waiting

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    Like you I have a March birthday (not a thing I want to remember), but unlike you I have always loathed February. It has very traumatic memories for me and is also such a treacherous month weather-wise, in that it is never the same two days at a time.

    Lent has lent (pun intended) a new meaning to my least favourite month and I am beginning to see it in a different light.

    As for giving up things, I have and will always done so, and usually manage to stick to my resolve but this year decided to read something from the bible every day of Lent.

    This may seem routine to you, but I have never read the Bible, although I have more than one, and am finding it quite a challenge.

    Blessings, as ever Freda.

  2. freda says:

    Reading something from the bible each day sounds a really good thing to do for Lent. Maybe reading from Mark or John would be better than struggling with bits of the Old Testament. I hope you will tell us how you get on and what you think. Every Blessing

  3. LC says:

    Goodness, your upcoming birthday month reminds me: my February birthday is not many days away. You have inspired me to do some version of your traditional birthday month celebration. Since I have already missed more than half of February, I hereby declare that my birthday month begins on my birthday.

    Maybe I will do better with it this year. And as an accomplished procrastinator, I have the opportunity to firm up strategy in these days pre-birthday.

    And Ray, bravo for your Bible reading. When I acted on a similar resolve decades ago when I had small children, the only quiet time was early morning. For the first several months I would doze off. I struggled on and eventually began to actually stay conscious. Now I rarely zone out. And reading the Bible through in a year has been so much easier on my kindle where I can enlarge the type to a comfortable size.

  4. ernestine says:

    February has seemed like the longest month.
    March around the corner and a few flowers are peaking out of the ground.
    Spring is on the way
    even though it is in the 20’s today,…

  5. Dianne says:

    I think if you are doing Weight Watchers, you have both waiting and some giving up going on. Dianne

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