Misty, most unusually, did not feature in my previous entry.  A whole month’s catch-up and no mention of the little dog……  As a friend pointed out, was she hibernating? Well, Herself does not much like this time of year, though she did enjoy the Day Out in the campervan. The most traumatic thing for Misty, was when us humans had a whole day away and Misty was left behind.

Being left always results in very sad eyes and many sighs. And as we go out to the car I can hear the whole house being informed that Misty is in charge so everything and everyone had better be well behaved and in good order. Not that she is nervous or scared………  well maybe a little bit.

On that particular day we had arranged for a neighbour to call in at lunch-time to give the little girl a walk.  This was a departure from the norm as she has never previously been left for a whole day. N told us the story the next day.

Lunchtime duly arrive and N came into the house calling for Misty. No response and no noise. N shouted for Misty again, this time adding in the incentive Walkies, walkies.….  Still no response. So N goes through the utility room and into the dining area. From underneath the table comes a sound.


Oops, the silly little pooch had got a fright and not recognised the kindly neighbour – incidentally the same neighbour that Misty is desperate to see when she is out in the garden. All ended well as the neighbour bent down and reassured the nervous dog jingling the collar and lead.

Now each time we go out, Misty looks even more nervous than usual, but we haven’t repeated the experiment yet.

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6 Responses to Misty

  1. LC says:

    Misty is a dear little charmer who obviously wishes to keep her humans on a tight leash.

  2. Mina says:

    Good to know that Misty is still in charge. Look forward to more of her adventures.

  3. Ray Barnes says:

    She is beautiful Freda, but hasn’t she got you just where she wants you.?
    I’m glad to hear you are able to ‘escape’ from time to time, but I suspect she has plans about that too.

  4. freda says:

    It’s so lovely to be getting comments on my “little” life in this small corner of Dalamory. It makes me feel connected to the world – but then that is what the web is all about, and we find ways to engage with it. Misty is very happy to be occupying her rightful place…….. centre-blog. You’re absolutely Ray, LC and Mina, In fact you have got her (and me) down to a tee.

  5. Tabor says:

    Some dogs can be a little cranky when their lives are disrupted, especially as they age.

  6. Lyn says:

    Even though I leave my little ones behind almost every day, I get looks much like that in the photo, saying “You’re going without me?” from all five of them. I suppose it will always be so. sigh.

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