Today’s expedition was a drive over the hill to the little metropolis of Inveraray. Shopping consisted of a new full-length Jack Murphy raincoat. This is the most important article of clothing for an Argyllshire winter. My old coat is looking a bit dejected and I have to confess it is a little too snug for comfort with a thick sweater. I popped into the village fisherman’s shop, tried on the item and was out in at the most 3 minutes. I knew exactly what I wanted and where to go for it .

When I came home I sat down to browse the Jack Murphy website – like you do – and found a treasure trove – though some of it a bit expensive for me. One of my favourite pastimes is shopping, but I prefer it to be online. I’m fed up with over-heated shopping centres and busy town centres. I usually stand dithering and then buy the wrong thing.

The whole pattern of shopping is changing in many households. Of course, you have to be at home for deliveries, so buying things that need to be delivered isn’t suitable for everyone. I’ve built up a list of favourite sites and gradually over time one gets a feel for their sizing system. Are their sizes generous or otherwise, for instance? It’s more difficult to buy shoes, unless you are very familiar with the brand. However, that’s not going to stop me from looking for a pair of dancing shoes. Cuban heels, silver tops – just in case you are interested. I guess ebay might be the first stop for those. It’s amazing what can be found and bought quickly and safely through Paypal.

Here are my favourite shopping sites – in no particular order. They will give you a fair idea of what I’m like; and while we’re thinking about it – what about yours?

  • Cotton Traders
  • ebay
  • Amazon (of course)
  • John Lewis
  • M & S
  • Cartridge Co
  • Viking Direct (Office Supplies)
  • FA Dumont – church supplies including Fontanini figures
  • Edinburgh Woollen Mill
  • RSPB
  • Christmas Cards online
  • Lakeland

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9 Responses to Shopping

  1. Liz Gibson says:

    And of course with several of these sites you can raise money for the church too. Win win!

  2. LC says:

    “I usually stand dithering and then buy the wrong thing.”

    That admission made my day! I had a good laugh at the perfect picture of me that your words created. I do not like shopping online or otherwise, however. May your successful purcase keep you comfy!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Ray Barnes says:

    Well done Freda. It will be ballet shoes next!

    Personally I loathe shopping, and where clothes are concerned, tend to shop in only two places. Look quickly at new lines, look even more quickly for the 3 colours I wear and if both of those attract look for my size, pay and run.
    I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than spend a day shopping and if anyone ever talked me into it, would have died of boredom before the end of the day.
    It’s a good job we’re all different or retail would cease.

  4. friko says:

    Dancing shoes? Up in the wilds of Scotland? It’ll be Scottish reels, will it?
    Have fun.

    As for me, I hardly shop at all. grocery shopping and the odd M&S trip to replace worn knickers and socks, or other items that have been worn to shreds. Books come from 2nd hand shops. I hardly buy anything else except bird food and petrol for the car.

    Oh dear, how sad that sounds. I used to love shopping when I lived in London and the South East.

  5. Dianne says:

    I think Friko is telling a little porkie. She wrote a blog last winter on a trip to a nearby village, and I swore she bought a new pocketbook.

    This post was a hit. Your creative juices are flowing I see. I got the book you mentioned a day or two ago, and will look it over at Christmas.

    My shopping days outside the home are pretty much over too. I get such a back ache standing on those hard floors and David hates the whole thing.

    My favorite shopping site is Amazon and since they link up with thousands of small entities, I use many of them also.

    Otherwise, my sites are these: Foster& Smith for dog and bird supplies; Choppers, a bird toy company for parrot toys; several nursuries in Connecticut and Virginia for mail order plants and bulbs; Gardener’s Supply for tools, pots, etc.; Landsend for clothing; A pharma for prescription drugs; my grocery delivery service; yarnmarket for yarn; Nuvet Labs for dog meds; vet clinics;

  6. freda says:

    You’re right, Liz and Friday’s shopping was done via the fundraising scheme.

    LC – Just because I’ve bought the new raincoat, today has been sunny and warm, but I am not complaining.

    friko, the shoes are for Friday night ballroom and Latin dance classes. I have sourced an online pair that look just right – silver with cuban heels – but I am a bit reluctant to spend £35.00

    Dianne, you have an impressive list and are obviously a super-online-shopper.

  7. Lydia says:

    Goodness, Freda, we have the same tastes for and excitement about online shopping! I could not agree with you more about preferring it over malls and big stores. I do not know Jack Murphy and can’t wait to click on the link, and also to visit the others in your list that are new to me, which are all but ebay and Amazon! I love to browse online so much…..more than I ever did in shops with the salespeople milling about looking at me. I go to sites just to look at beautiful things, rarely clothes–but I do look at clothes on occasion and should more often because my wear is becoming worn.

    Thank you for your recommendations. Here are mine:

    Made in Oregon (be sure to look at the tab for Pendleton Woolen Mills)
    Card Cow (for vintage postcards)
    The New York First Co.
    Norm Thompson
    One Kings Lane (requires registration with username and password, but is worth the hassle for the great browsing!)

  8. freda says:

    Thanks, Lydia, I love the look of the New York coffee cup, and the Norm Thompson site. I’m getting a bit braver about buying things from abroad now, so who knows, I might be having a shopping trial with some of your favourites. I’m allergic to wool so restrict myself mainly to cotton, (funnily enough on sale through Edinburgh Woollen Mill.)

  9. Anita says:

    Hi Freda,
    Didn’t know Edinburgh Woollen Mill had a website. Duh! There’s one in downtown Oxord, so we shop there since they always have sales. Their clothes never seem to wear out.
    I like M & S here, and LL Bean, Coldwater Creek and Norm Thomson in the US. Usually try to get American friends to bring packages over for me when they come!


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