Two new hobbies

Today I bear the stiffness and aching limbs of having been overly-paso doble’d at Dance Class. Such fun and such laughter. However, some of us are not so young and the thought of being the bullfighter, the cape or the bull was a bit too much to take. HBTW demonstrated a magnificent roar, such that some of the damsels looked suitably distraught.

I’ve hunted out a short snatch of the dance as done by the professionals – it’s only a minute 24 but I  wanted to show you what it should be like. Ours, needless to say, is nothing like that. In addition, I think we were going at half speed. The only way we resemble the dance is that we were using the same music. – I think!

The second new hobby tends towards the esoteric. It is an Onzo smart Energy Kit. This little device measures the amount of electricity being used in the house at any one time. I should say that ours was provided by our energy supplier. There is a transmitter which clips round the electric feed into the house and the display (indoors) shows the power in wattage. It also measures the amount of electricity used each day. Every week or so the display is connected via the internet to the supplier. By this means a graph of usage is built up and targets can be set to reduce costs.

A great idea. What I hadn’t realised was that HBTW would take it so seriously. He has been following me round the house measuring individual items: computer, lights, fridge, toaster, kettle (uses a huge amount…..) And he is declaring certain things off limits: in particular high energy reading lights. I can see problems arising here – after all, older eyes need more light to read.

Now of course we can’t wait to start building up the little graphs on the screen. I can’t envisage any sinister use, other than that Hydro-Electric will know our usage from week to week. And it does seem a fun way to cut down.

Have you got something similar? Or do you worry about more Big Brother schemes?

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5 Responses to Two new hobbies

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    Thanks for the Pasa Doble clip Freda. Even the word produces mild hysterics in me.
    Can’t help remembering John Sargeant in Strictly come dancing.
    I’d love to see what your own efforts look like. Mine would be nearer the John Segeant I think.
    As for the dreaded gadget. My power provider gave me one as a gift which I promptly handed to the man next door. He was delighted to get it (a man thing), and i was overjoyed to see the back of it.
    I look at it this way. I am’ reasonably aware of the need to save the environment and conserve energy, while at the same time, expect to be provided with the power I pay for (through the nose, I might add).
    No gadget will persuade me to live in a cold house in Winter, and while carefull with all power, electric and gas, really don’t need reminding not to waste either.

  2. Dianne says:

    Too funny Freda. I once was a good dancer, but today would huff and puff my way into a cardiac. As for the energy meter, David hasn’t found that yet, but our energy company will supply one soon. Gotta get different hobbies I think. Dianne

  3. Chancy says:

    I need a way to measure our home energy use. I know we use too much mainly the AC and me with the washer and dryer

    Good for you on your dance classes.

  4. Lyn says:

    I worry enough about electricity consumption without that gadget!! I’ll just continue to be surprised when the bill comes, thank you very much!!

  5. Lydia says:

    That is a great Paso Doble you have shown us. I am excited that you and HBTW are taking this dance on! Good for you (it really is good for you!)! In the season just passed of So You Think You Can Dance there was a Paso Doble that the judges praised highly. In this choregraphy the girl serves as the cape, and the judges said they had never seen that before.

    Your gadget looks like a goodie. I am not familiar with them and will look to see if available. That wouldn’t seem too Big Brother to me….anything to save a dollar these days!

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