Flower Festival


A busy church this weekend – all part of the 200 years anniversary.

This is a to represent the Agricultural Show. Note the welly boots and umbrella. Someone suggested there should have been more mud.



This is the Teas and Tots group who meet in the Church Hall. I guess this is a teddy bear’s picnic….




The hats below hint at the origination of a local neighbours’ group. I presume a gent’s hat would be welcomed if thrown into the ring, as it were.










The Guides – a worldwide organisation with its own little group here in the country.

I think you will agree there is a wide diversity of interpretation and style.


People in the know will appreciate how much work goes into all of these displays. Also, the whole occasion over three days, provides an opportunity to meet and talk with visitors from near and far. We country people take our pleasures seriously!


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6 Responses to Flower Festival

  1. Ray Barnes says:

    What a huge variety of themes, and so well carried out. Really lovely pictures Freda, you obviously have a thriving community as well as a lot of creative people in your ‘patch’.

  2. LC says:

    So much creative industry. How wonderfully your community comes together!

  3. Dianne says:

    Love those Girl Guides. I am still trying to figure out what the furry looking thing in the bouquet in the first photo is…any thoughts? The teddy bears are having a picnic. Better not go into the woods today.

  4. Liz says:

    Thanks for the great photos – folk have worked so hard and the whole thing is so good. It’s lovely to have it shared on a wider forum.

  5. Anne Gibert says:

    I used to be on the flower guild at the church I used to go to. I know that was a lot of loving work. Nice pics!

  6. friko says:

    The displays and decorations are first class; I have to leave others to do flower arranging, I’m not bad at gardening, but other skills have passed me by.

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