Nasty and spiteful?

I am worried for my country – and by this I mean the UK, rather than Scotland on its own. The way that cuts are targeted are inevitably going to hurt more for the vulnerable and marginalised than for those with more secure incomes and trust funds. It seems to me that politicians with a privileged background and lifestyle are encouraging the mad media to stir up hatred towards the unfortunates of our country. I know this is something I have blogged about previously, but we are now in a position to see more of the consequences than before.

Right now I am deeply saddened, I doubt I shall ever have the energy to person the barricades, but I can at least make a plea that someone, somewhere in Westminster listens to the more caring attitudes that come from the nether regions of the UK.

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7 Responses to Nasty and spiteful?

  1. Tim says:

    Yeah. Cuts to the things people need, use or like; and yet Trident went unmentioned on the BBC news page I read. Er? Hello? I don’t know *anybody* who actually wanted to keep that, so from where does the government get the idea that anyone wants to bias towards nukes?

  2. Graham says:

    Aye, we’re all in it together, some hope.
    I watched a poor disabled woman on TV today who voted Tory because she thought David Cameron would understand the issues concerning the disabled as his son was disabled i just shook my head she was obviously too young to remember the 80’s and Mrs T’s henchmen.
    I lost my job through Tory policies then and it looks like it might happen again with the Public Sector cuts, hey ho here’s to a life of dispair and poverty, but i will be happy in the fact “We’re all in it together”

  3. Lyn says:

    The same could be said here in the US and probably almost everywhere. Sad and rather scary.

  4. Tabor says:

    We are on the brink (globally) of many tests and stretches to our feelings, ethics and energy. The earth is doing some terrible shifting due to global warming and those who are the most vulnerable will soon be left in the wash because the rest of us will be trying to keep our heads above water.

  5. Jimmy says:

    I prefer the theory of the poor having more spending power buying more goods using more services and thereby boosting the econemy from a foundation that jobs can be built upon. The purpose of these austerity measures is to encourage the super rich to invest money in the very rich with the poor being trampled underfoot.
    There is also a hierarchical element to this – Lords and Serfs – this is the ideological social structuring that the millionaires on the Tory benches were cheering.
    Some of their statements make no sense – ‘We are helping them into work by cutting their benefits’ I would need someone to explain to me how this would create jobs or make people who are disabled able-bodied.

  6. Tim says:

    ‘We are helping them into work by cutting their benefits’ I would need someone to explain to me how this would create jobs or make people who are disabled able-bodied.

    Obviously not generally sensible as stated, but there are occasions where the benefits calculations give greater amounts than the minimum wage – that should really be ironed out.

  7. Ray says:

    I agree with you Freda and all the above commentators. Our country has a very hard road ahead of us, which so many of us will have to walk while TOO many others fly overhead. Once again, the rich will get richer, as the majority struggle to make ends meet. Pontificating from their privileged positions in such a patronising fashion brings out the ‘Labour’ in me. If there’s a march, I may well take up my banner and wear red!!

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