Serious weather

We have had serious rain here today and lots of grey, dreich mist on the hills and mountains. You just cannot argue with it, so it has been a day of dealing with filing – amazing how much there is even when you’re retired. The housework is also up to date, the incentive being visitors who are coming tomorrow.

Housework is the cue for Misty to join in. She only has to see an apron, a duster or the vacuum and she runs off to find her favourite squeaky ball. It’s good exercise to wrestle the ball from her, and good for the brain to keep a constant watch in case she has become tired of waiting, in which case she plops it down right where you are going to walk next.

The nicest thing about tidying up paperclog and house? Being finished of course.

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4 Responses to Serious weather

  1. Lyn says:

    “Being finished” might be my favorite two words!

    Enjoy your company.

  2. Anne Gibert says:

    My dogs race for their toys when I go out to the yard to hang up laundry. They drop the cong on my feet while I pin up the sheets and towels. I have to throw it to get the dogs to stop pestering me for a couple of minutes. Then it begins again.

  3. Marcia Mayo says:

    I guess the good news about bad weather is that you have no excuse not to do what must be done. Except when there’s a tornado. Then you must get in a closet.

  4. Cloudia says:

    Whistle while you work!

    glad you are done and can relax over a steaming screen of blog soup 🙂

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

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