Six ways of peacemaking suggested by Jean Vanier. Ways to peace for conflict within the world, the community, and amongst family and friends.

  1. Respect every individual human being;
  2. Create space for people to grow and become mature;
  3. Always stay in dialogue;
  4. Keep adapting mutual expectations;
  5. Enjoy the differences among people;
  6. Always direct your attentions to those who suffer most.

I wonder what you make of these?

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5 Responses to Peacemaking

  1. Tim says:

    They all look reasonable to me. I suspect they might add up to peace, if we’re lucky.

    Church I was at this morning had intercessions where a prayer was “for persecuted Christians everywhere”. I winced and thought surely the problem was persecution wheresoever it occurs, and less of the partisanship please…

    What was that about peace through justice not victory again? 🙂

  2. Tabor says:

    I think if we just did these things you have listed, we would reduce wars and disagreements quite a bit.

  3. friko says:

    treat all men as you would have them treat you,
    and above all, like yourself and you will like others.

    (Religious allegiance is not my strong point, this just for clarification)

  4. Jimmy says:

    It came to me some years ago that – Idealism is abstract.
    I feel we should not always expect to make political or social change
    but need to work within the flawed framework of that which already exists.

  5. freda says:

    Thanks for the interesting observations.

    I agree with you, Tim, about the narrowness of partisanship, and it would have made me cross too. Or despairing, depending on what kind of day I was having.

    Friko, the only worthwhile ethic is one which takes into account the need to treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. And Jimmy, you bring us back down to earth with your common-sense.

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