Sea beans

In her comment on yesterday’s post, Lydia set me searching the net. It is possible to buy sea beans on ebay. That somehow feels like cheating though, I should like to find one while walking a beach. Apparently, they tend to be found on Atlantic beaches in the West coast of Scotland, but I guess they travel the world on the ocean currents. Some say they are lucky – but you wouldn’t expect a minister to say that is true, (or even the reason why I have wanted to find one,) I guess I just like the idea of something so seemingly fragile, travelling thousands of miles, ready to unwrap its genetic code when the right conditions apply.

A metaphor for death and new life I suppose. And a good thought for mid-week.

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2 Responses to Sea beans

  1. Lydia says:

    Hmmmm, they sound quite fantastic. I loved the way you described this and provided a metaphor. Now, today my husband was looking on eBay for cars to turn into electric vehicles. It’s an interesting concept and I’m watching him dream of such a project. He found four, all on the east coast, with some days left to bid (way over our price range, IF we had a price range). After spending so much time looking at those pages, he came upon one in a town just an hour’s drive from our house. The price was actually something we could entertain! It was cute and even drivable as a gas guzzler. Problem? The bidding had closed ten minutes earlier. I told him that it was a good lesson in remembering to look for rainbows in your own backyard!

  2. freda says:

    Ebay is a great distraction. We can indulge in dreams for very little cost!

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