The weather has not quite tempted me into weeding the garden. I have been weeding files instead. There just is not room for any more filing cabinets. In fact, it is truly amazing how much detritus the files have collected over the last few years.

I guess it is that time of year – spring cleaning. Oh no!

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2 Responses to Weeding

  1. Lydia says:

    I found your blog through “Time Goes By,” and have only read briefly so far but really like your blog a lot. My blog is new as of February and I’m having fun seeing where it leads. I have addressed the clutter in my house a few times, so your post today sounded familiar.

    One entry of mine is about my maternal great-grandmother, Lydia. She was Scotch-Irish (McKee) and married a Scot (Marshall). My cousin who lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is now planning her second vacation to Iona – and I envy her being able to visit Scotland!

  2. freda says:

    Nice of you to drop by Lydia. Ronni’s blog is brilliant – she is always hunting out articles and issues of interest on ageing. Interesting to hear of your Scottish connection.

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