Two turds and a toad

Sorry for the language, but only the old English-Norse term will do as you will see in due course……..  Last night, after pottying the infant canine, I came indoors to answer an email. Before I had finished, the telephone rang. It was No 2 son to wish me happy birthday and happy mother’s day. So far, so good. Then the story deteriorates…..  In the space of “hello it’s nice to hear you…..”  Misty had managed to produce two piles of excrement in the hall – one at each end. Son was party to some choice language, some fending off puppy shouts and the noises of clearing up. (All on a walkabout phone you understand.) Have you ever tried one-handed scooping? Then, I had to take the poopy-bags out to the bin. Nearly stepped on what seemed to be another large mess on the path, which turned out to be a toad. Horror of horrors! I was all frazzled because of two bags of doggy poo, one phone under the ear and keeping the pup from realising the thankfully silent and still toad was alive – and doggy-snack sized. Hence the title of this post….. only turd suffices to conjure up the sight, smell and clearing-up operation.

And we don’t even have a pond.

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  1. Mina says:

    Just wait till Misty finds mice. They are great fun to give as a present, either alive or pre-packed in a dump!

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