Dodgy voice

Ended up yesterday with no voice – reminded me vividly of what happened two years ago, so I have been very careful to follow the voice health rules my speech therapist taught me. I may not be preaching again until the end of the month, but there is a puppy to teach! It all makes me think of how grateful we should be for our five senses, so many people are struggling with loss of hearing or sight, or are struggling to cope with a disability in some other way.

Perhaps the voice problems were exacerbated by a lovely visit from three of our grandchildren yesterday (and their parents of course.) There was a lot of running about with Misty and lots of explanations of doggy-lore. Pup and two elderpeople were shattered last night. Today, Him Behind the Wheel is continuing with Colditzing the fences – at the front this time. There is a new hazard to distract said pup, when the next door neighbour’s grandchildren play outside, Misty is instantly attracted to the young voices. She has learnt that little people are fun.

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