Gold Medal

The big news (apart from the London 2012 Olympics!) is that Rab has won a gold medal in the tenpin bowling team event at the Special Olympics. Great excitement from all and sundry, and resulting in much running about the country for medals ceremonies etc…..

Today is shaping up to be another typical busy day in the life of retirees. There is the dog to take to the vet – she has developed a sore patch o­n her back; then there is the hedge to cut, the campervan to wash and bits of paperwork to do. I keep asking myself when I ever had time to work.

The G8 disruptions have not affected us over here in the West, but it is quite frightening seeing scenes of violence o­n the TV. Why do people not realise that it is not just the eight leaders and their entourages who have to bear the brunt of decisions about poverty, globalisation, trade and global warming? If we want to see a difference it is going to mean we have to accept higher taxes and slightly less of everything. We are the o­nes who will have to change. For many people it is easier to rant about the politicians; they conveniently forget that we elect them.

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