A sudden screeching noise going o­n and o­n made the dog stop in her tracks today. I assumed it was an aeroplane but the dog knew better and was looking up into a twenty foot spruce. Then the mystery was solved, a large hooded crow flapped out of the branches in rather an ungainly fashion and gradually the noise hushed. He or she had been busy feeding the chicks in a large nest balanced precariously in the uppermost branches.

Strange to think of crows as caring parents rather than heartless scavengers.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Freda!
    Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I'm honored that you've listed me in the 'blogs that I read' section.
    BTW, don't give up o­n the writing, especially if you feel that it's part of your 'calling.' You never know what uses HE has for it. I've felt that same calling since I was 12 and regret ignoring the urgency that I've often felt, o­nly to try and write weeks or months later and find that the passion was already lost. There's a reason for the nagging urgency…


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