Talking to plants

Talking to plants has both an ancient and high-profile pedigree. (If the Prince of Wales can do it…..)  Like many others, I am so appreciative of the pleasure that plants bring that I am pleased to pass the time of day with them. Lately though, I have taken to talking to the wild flowers in the verges close to the Manse. This is to encourage them to spread their seeds into the “wild” area of the garden. Mostly, country-dwellers fight to keep flowers of hedgerow and field away; I am keen for them to populate the grassed area which is looking a bit sad and green at the moment. The grasses may be nearly a foot high but there is little sign of seed-heads or colonisation by plants, despite scattering some wild flower seed.

Come o­n wild flowers: a warm welcome awaits you at Kilbrandon Manse.

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