This Sunday sees a change in our church's pattern of services. It is going to entail two services o­n two separate islands – both taking place in the morning, more or less concurrently. (Instead of o­ne in the morning and the other in the afternoon.) Now of course, I cannot be in two places at the o­ne time, so we are relying o­n the willingness of a Lay Reader to take o­ne of the services. We will be swapping islands, as it were, o­n the last Sunday of each month.

It is amazing to watch how some people embrace change and challenge and others are unhappy and upset by it. At o­ne time I would have thought it was all about age – but I now know better. Sometimes it is because people are worried about cause and effect; sometimes because they are worried about what others might think; and sometimes because change unsettles themselves.

I have been fortunate all my life to enjoy positive change.
The majority of people seem to think this particular change is a good thing. So let's hope it turns out to be so.

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