The change in the weather has given me the opportunity to catch up o­n some indoor tasks. But now I am fretting that the garden needs attention. Some of the tender bushes were damaged by frost and I am itching to tend them and cut off the dead bits. Now if I was a stalwart gardener I would be out there in my wellies and Tilly hat (equally suitable for rain or sunshine). But I prefer to do some writing.

I always recognised the privilege of largely choosing my own agenda when I was in the parish ministry. Of course some appointments and fixtures were a given, but the rest of the time could be divided up according to priorities set by myself or sometimes with the help of others. I have watched so many retired people get frazzled with commitments that I am wary of taking o­n things o­n a regular basis myself. My health dictates a slower pace in any case. So I shall just continue to enjoy the quieter lifestyle for a while yet.

Of course the cat firmly believes that my main activity should be tending and stroking him. And cats will not be told No so I resort to doing things with an insistant orange feline o­n my lap. Yes, even at the computer. It reminds me of having a toddler!

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