Auspicious Day

It’s strange that we insist on making a day special. We have to make order of things, and similarly we have to make order of time passing: – sunsets, dawn, lunar cycles, the passage of the planets – and hence the passing of a year. And we find ourselves thinking, Where does the time go?  At least I do, especially as I get older.

All being well, 2014 is the year I will become 70. Will I suddenly feel that I am wiser as well as being older? One constant prayer throughout the years has been that I will grow and learn about Wisdom, so I can only keep on hoping. I think of the generation before me – The Oldies, as a cousin called them. And yet now, I am fast becoming one of the Oldies myself. The previous generation have passed on, but they leave a legacy of love, laughter and sadly – there are sometimes hurts or misunderstandings that time thankfully heals and erases. Growing in Wisdom means learning when to let go and when to hold on.

On this New Year’s Day I want to let go of fear, anxiety and suspicion; and I want to hold on to hope, the excitement of learning new things about people and about this amazing world we live in.  For you, I hope that things will be better, no matter how good or how difficult this past year has been. And as my Granny used to say, Lang may yer lum reek. 


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