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Church Votes for More Dialogue

Yesterday I was happily settled at my computer watching the live debate from the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly, which is sitting in Edinburgh this week. A number of years ago I had been a member of a group set … Continue reading

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Church of Scotland General Assembly

I’m busy today watching the livestream video from Edinburgh where the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland are debating the church’s recent report on same-sex relationships and the ordained ministry. It is not easy watching, but I am hoping … Continue reading

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Living the prayer

Tonight’s Living the Questions discussion is about prayer. The course is in general very good, as well as being challenging and downright uncomfortable in places. I think it is useful for us to look carefully at our beliefs and our … Continue reading

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Living the Questions again

There we were at the discussion group in the church hall talking about incarnational theology. Alright – I know it is getting late. Bear with me. The course consists of written material, a DVD wherein well-known theologians and clergy take … Continue reading

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Busy day

Busy day with family visitors and I have only just done my “homework” for the Living Questions discussion tonight. Did I ever really understand all of this at University?  Very interesting and much food for thought.

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