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Sacred Space

This is the time of year to order the next edition of Sacred Space – The Jesuit Prayer Book. ¬†They issue a new edition each year with an entry for everyday which includes a meditation, Bible reading and notes. It … Continue reading

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There is a contemplative in all of us, almost strangled but still alive, who craves quiet enjoyment of the Now, and longs to touch the seamless garment of silence which makes whole. Alan P Tory Celtic Daily Prayer 

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Catching up

Where have the last five days gone? I seem to have spent each day either tremendously busy and frantically rushing to catch up, or falling asleep on the spot. Today has been a good day so far. It is 4pm … Continue reading

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Monday mornings

Monday mornings used to be kind of bitter-sweet, not so much misery coming after a weekend of fun, but more a change of pace. The weekends with a growing family of 4 sons were hectic, noisy, challenging and great fun. … Continue reading

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Back at last

Back home at last – in fact, I’ve been home for a few days. Getting back to normal routines like blogging and watching the news is taking longer to accomplish. The terrible events in Norway and the famine in East … Continue reading

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Once a reader

Once a reader, always a reader – so the saying goes, and it is certainly true of me. Depending on my frame of mind I always have the appropriate book to hand; if not, I simply pick up another. Current … Continue reading

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Life as it is

Readers of long-standing may remember the saga of the porch being built. In the end it took a total of 4 years. However, it is now one of my favourite places to sit and meditate or to read and watch … Continue reading

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