Birds in the snow

B2015 SnowmarchgateWoke up this morning to discover that the snow was lying. Usually by March we are starting to have better days, but this year just goes on colder and colder. You can see the loss of the Honeysuckle Trellis and how bare it looks. Any ideas?

The birds were enjoying an early breakfast at the feeders so I sat and enjoyed coffee and a happy half-hour watching their chattering and squabbling. I never fail to remember a certain elderly parishioner – someone lovely and gracious, who made the best of life – whenever I visited in daylight we sat together at the window looking at the birds enjoying the nuts. I usually thought to myself that I hoped I had a bird feeder I could watch in retirement. The time passed all too quickly, and in a few short weeks I shall have been retired for 10 years. Yet another anniversary.

So today’s Birthday Month treat has to be watching the birds in the snow. What’s your daily happy moment?

B2015 Snowbirds

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5 Responses to Birds in the snow

  1. Tabor says:

    First coffee and view out the windows is always my first happy moment. Reading bloggers is also a nice moment for me. Climbing roses are nice, and everblooming or repeat blooming ?

  2. friko says:

    I can see no reason why the honeysuckle shouldn’t come back. Surely they are almost indestructible?

    Happy moments? Contented more like in my case. Happiness is fleeting and only appears when I’m not looking for it. But watching the birds is one of my pleasures too. For several winters we have short on greenfinches, siskins, etc. Their numbers were badly reduced by two hard winters. Now they’re back and I love the flashes of gold as they come and go endlessly, for hours.

  3. Mina says:

    Today’s pleasure also watching birds first thing in the morning with clear blue skies – and this was at 7 am. Then a swim in the spa pool and having it all to myself.

    How about Virginia Creeper for the arch – gorgeous autumn glory leaves – oh, but then when they fall you have to clear them up. Always a down side – go for more honeysuckle!

  4. We are bird watchers here too. The birds have become David’s new found joy. At 86 and somewhat crippled, he has few joys left.

    As for Honeysuckle, I think it will return. Keep us posted.

  5. freda says:

    I like to think of blogging friends watching birds and thinking about the good things. It’s a way to counteract all the bad things in the world. Taking pleasure in creation and being kind to one another – there’s got to be a message there somewhere.

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