Off to the shops

Today is going to be an expedition to the big city and the world of shops. It’s not something that we do all that often, but is a Birthday Month therapy to look for a new fridge. And yes, a new fridge-freezer that dispenses ice and cold water counts as a birthday treat. In actual fact it is also our present to ourselves for another special anniversary due next year. As Granny would say, “If we are spared and well. . . . . . We don’t have to be well, though that would be a bonus – just spared.  (How much fuss can I indulge in over our 50th Anniversary year?)

I also get to go to an Art shop today – the kind that has artist’s materials. As far as I remember from past visits long ago,  it is a veritable Aladdin’s cave. I have checked on the internet to make sure it is still up and running.

Will hopefully report on the adventure either later today or tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Off to the shops

  1. Mina says:

    Are you turning into a shopaholic? Or is it just big city indulgence.

  2. LC says:

    A 50th anniversary! Did I miss it or is it still upcoming?

  3. freda says:

    Golden wedding next year – with all the usual provisos

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