Just an ordinary day

This is to illustrate how a day slips away:

  • First wake up to a cup of hot water. I am on a fasting regime for a blood test.
  • Shower, hair dried
  • Walk to doctor’s surgery
  • Appointment with nurse to have blood taken, then swallow a glucose drink.
  • Back home, Quiet Time and read the paper
  • Back to nurse 2hrs later to have another blood test……… feeling nauseous
  • Home for coffee and lunch
  • Sit down to finish the paper (on ipad)
  • Wake up and it is pitch dark.
  • Where did the day go?

I have woken up a bit now, but intend to watch TV and then crawl to bed.
Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.

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4 Responses to Just an ordinary day

  1. Tabor says:

    The stress of the blood test probably wore you out. You needed that nap and the days are shorter so it seemed you had slept the day away. Tomorrow may be more productive, but if not, what’s so great about productive?

  2. Mina says:

    Not unlike my Wednesday -post medical and dental visits. Sunshine today so feeling more like being productive. Just what to do is the question. Raking up last of leaves is not an attractive job so I might just walk past them and pretend they are not there.

  3. freda says:

    The tomorrow which is today, Tabor, became a day to finish the book. Reading, not writing!

  4. Imagine being able to walk to your doctor’s office. How nice. We don’t have those horrible glucose drinks anymore. Dianne

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