Views round Dalamory

Several people asked for more photos, so here we go. One of the things that helped me a lot when I was working, was that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing where people lived, how they decorated, what their bookshelves looked like and so on. No inside pics today – the weather has been too nice.

I can never work out why the blossom tree is so lopsided. This is a nice quiet corner for having pleasant thoughts and dreams.

Him Behind the Wheel surfing his iphone. Note the dog under the lounger.

The barbie food was delicious. HBTW is a mean cook.

How about this as a view from where you sit and relax…..

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5 Responses to Views round Dalamory

  1. lc says:

    Thanks for an enjoyable tour of your sights!

  2. Linda Hillin says:

    I could handle that view, it’s very nice. I have to say, however, that we live in the most beautiful area of the United States, the Pacific Northwest.

  3. freda says:

    The films I have seen from there are amazing. Enjoy your day.

  4. Randall says:

    Looks downright inviting there.

    Hope your spring is full of good places like that to relax and read a bit.

    And yes, I’m typing this on an iPad at an Apple store here in Edmonton.

    🙂 tempting but too pricy.

  5. freda says:

    Exciting, Randall, to actually be able to hold one an ipad and explore its features. As far as I understand there is no USB port, which I would need for travelling and accessing internet, so I am saved from wishing. Glad you like the area, it certainly is beautiful. Today has been deer watch again, so I took some video and hope to edit it up soon.

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