Weather Report

No snow here, at least not at our level – the mountains and hills have a good smattering. Yesterday was a howling gale with horizontal sleet in temperatures just above freezing. Then, last night there was a 5hr power cut. That meant hunting out candles and togging up in snowy fleece pj’s, thick bedsocks and retiring to bed with the dog for warmth. How wonderful to find that the electricity (and therefore heat) is back on today. I am grateful for the hardy souls who have to venture out in such horrid conditions, to mend cables etc. All around, according to the weather map, is heavy snow. Thankfully, I can stay home and play catch-up with new Mac.

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2 Responses to Weather Report

  1. Steve says:

    I guess this is the final day of your birthday month…hope it was a good one!!

  2. freda says:

    Excellent in many ways, but I am thinking of extending the treats into a post-birthday-month! Or maybe that is a bit excessive!

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