Excitement in the country

What excitement over the last few days. The proper birthday treat arrived – a stunningly pretty iMac. I am in the process of transferring information, documents, music and photos from the old computer. Not always as straightforward as it might be. Thanks to the iphone, I had grown accustomed to itunes, and thought all I needed to do was to synch said iphone and my music would automatically transfer. Not so, as Apple Help informed me, the music copyright lobby does not allow the synching of iphones to more than one computer – even when the old computer is no longer in use. The problem was compounded because my old machine is a pc – though I suspect there would still be jiggery pokery mac to mac. Hence I search the net looking for ways and means and every so often realise I don’t understand a word of what I have read.

One thing I am sure of…….. it will all be worth it in the end. And I am sure it is good exercise for the brain cells.

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  1. chris says:

    It will indeed be worth it. And congratulations on the iMac – I love mine to bits!

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