It has been brought home to me today that the writer of a blog has numerous responsibilities. Firstly, things can be misread or misinterpreted – though this is usually in fun. For instance by a round about route some colleagues of Son #1 have come across the blog and made comments about the view from the window being more important than the grandchildren! I should hasten to add that the “100 Favourite Things” are in no particular order. That deals with that point. Then there comes the linking hazard – the link had been made to Father’s blog “Him Behind the Wheel“. Unfortunately, his last blog post was a particular rant in an unfortunate manner on politics. Let it be known that I hold more moderate views!

I cited Father’s recent virus as possible cause for polarisation of views, to which said son replied “If you ask me he is suffering from Stroppy Old Man Virus“.

In case you are worried “Old Man” himself, agrees with this.

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4 Responses to Responsibilities

  1. Graham says:

    I laughed at the Stroppy Old Man Virus that’s the kind of things my daughters say about me keep ranting it keeps you young ..

  2. Colleagues says:

    Colleagues at work say son #1 needs to chill out. (maybe it’s a height thing).

  3. Ellie says:

    Ballderdash and piffel…your blog is fine, your fine and your man is indeed fine. Ive been reading this blog for what…must be about five years now on an off. Keep us your lovely writing and heaven forfend they should ever get hold of my blog…eeek

  4. freda says:

    To the Colleagues! So you mean #1 Son is tired from looking down at people? Well I am only 5ft3

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