Valentine’s Day

Of course I have to write about Valentine’s day – and it is a lot easier than trying to speak to a whole Primary School, which happened one year. I wish I had stuck to the routine of who or what do we love? After all the idea of a festival to be thankful for loved ones is no bad thing. Unfortunately, the day has become one of oneupmanship – How many Valentine cards did you get?

Better also than the Times journalist who had a half page rant about how he hated dogs and that all dogs should be shot. He had some pretty scathing anti-class comments about the owners of certain kinds of dogs as well. Cannot give you a link as the online version of the paper has had the sense not to include the article. He is right in one sense, and that is that dogs and their behaviour is the responsibility of their owners. Even in this quiet corner of Scotland I get annoyed at dog dirt. Dogs cannot help it, but owners should pick it up.

Enough of a rant. I need to get my brain back onto the positivity of love.

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