What fun today?

Yes – the offending tooth has gone. It was too far gone for root canal treatment. Yesterday ended up in a haze of painkillers, alcohol and hot water bottles. Harrumph……

Today’s outings include a trip to the doctor’s to get blood tests and a trip to the big town for a haircut. And foils. I shall leave the foils to your imagination. It is to be hoped I do not have to resort to alcohol for losing my hair.

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2 Responses to What fun today?

  1. Mina says:

    OK – you got me! Foils! foils – used in fencing: foils – stopping someone doing something: foils for backing glass mirrors: foils for wrapping food in for cooking. Or What?

  2. freda says:

    Foils as in used for keeping hair in place once it has got colour on it. In other words it is for highlights. Quite fetching at the time.

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