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Part of the research side of my OU course involves reading widely. (As if I needed an excuse.) Over the last couple of days I have read my first ever Chick Lit – romance written for the young and single in their twenties and thirties – OK I know it is a bit on the young side, but I enjoyed reading something light and easy, especially after toiling my way through a couple of boring library books.

Oh my goodness, perhaps I shall degenerate into Mills and Boon next. But in case you are interested, the author I enjoyed as respite was Katie Fforde.

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  1. I saw Katie Fforde interviewed on TV a while back and she was so much fun.

    If you’re looking for great reading that’s not quite chick lit have you tried Maeve Binchy, Penny vinenzi and Judith Lennox.

    Happy studying and reading

    Laura Essendine
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  2. Mina says:

    Compared to Zoe Barnes Katie Fforde is a heavyweight! Read one of Zoe’s, cover to cover, when waiting in Airports recently.

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