Getting behind myself

Over the last couple of days I have been busy with online browsing and ordering and also managed a trip to “town” for a haircut and to do some more shopping. It has only just occurred to me, however, that with being ill I have managed to lose approximately 2 weeks in the run up to Christmas. I have also got a bit behind with the OU coursework. Come to think of it, this is a stupid time to be doing a 10 week course. Never Mind, I shall keep on writing despite myself.

All of this is a long winded introduction into a cherished childhood memory. In amongst the Lakeland catalogues I found a very sweet Advent Stable – much too late to give to any grandchildren this year unfortunately. But it did remind me of the immediate post World War 2 years when I was growing up in an age of austerity and make do. There was a very plain and unadorned calendar on the wall next to the fireplace in our sitting room. In December I got to cross off each day at bedtime. It required a bit of dangerous balancing and leaning over, which only added to the experience. The countdown to Christmas was exciting indeed. No such things as novelty chocolate calendars or build-up crib scenes. I never gave a thought as to how my parents would find new toys or presents for me. I can never remember believing in Santa Claus – my only memory of that is going to see a department store Santa one year and yelling my head off at having to sit on his knee.

Anyway, my point is simple. The looking forward to Christmas is about preparing our hearts to welcome the miracle that there is love at the heart of God and love in the hearts of many people in the world. Sometimes we focus too much on the bad things. I, certainly, need to think of the good. Christmas is a time for nostalgia. Hope you enjoy yours.

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