Crackling life

The Open University Course is crackling into life now. The students have all spent the past week getting used to the software, and now it is a case of doing things for real. Ongoing bits of work are due to be share with our “fellow writers.” ……. I liked that description.

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2 Responses to Crackling life

  1. chris says:

    Are you using the “Process Writing” technique? Starts with the 6 card trick?

  2. freda says:

    I guess we are using process writing in one sense – ie to get us all writing anything and everything, however there are assignments to do, which count for the final course grade. So content will also matter. I am not sure how the tutor will be able to assess what we have absorbed from the course material, but that is why I am a student in the first place. It is very interesting and a good way to learn at a distance.

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