Pros and cons

I often take advantage of the ease of online shopping, particularly with amazon and the like. But there is nothing like wandering round a bookshop to stir the senses. There is a Waterstone’s in Oban – now don’t get excited, this is Oban we are talking about – the shop is commensurate with the size of the town. Nonetheless it gives good value. Not a musty smell, more like new paper; not completely hushed in tone, but muted. And tempting enough to lead you into using your credit card. What I had not reckoned with was the cheery line in banter at the till. I had joked about not being used to using the card etc., whereupon the operative said he was sure I was a liberal spender – all women were. Then, before I could take exception (not that I would, he said it in such a generous manner after all,) he went on to tell me that his credit card had been stolen and that he had not bothered to report it as the thief was spending less than the wife. Sexist – OK…… inoffensive – not in the circumstances. Chuckle value – quite amusing, especially since I rarely watch stand-up comedy.

Oh and the books are good value, sitting waiting my pleasure on the “to read” shelf.

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