More trauma

There is more trauma facing Misty today. She has to go back to the vet: Rabies vacc., check on dry eye. and check on skin. I am going to the hairdresser, so it is up to Him Behind the Wheel to console the little dog. Come to think of it, I often dislike some bits of the hairdressing experience: cold water slopped down my neck, being covered in spikey foils, snitchy bits for the rest of the day.

Misty doesn’t like haircuts either.

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2 Responses to More trauma

  1. freda says:

    Thanks for the prayers, Lydia, Misty had a much less traumatic trip to the vet than expected. She has to have her eye cream only once a day now, though she will probably have to get used to it as it will be an ongoing treatment.

  2. Lydia says:

    Comment reinstate —— It’s early in the a.m. and I’m on my way for bed. Then I suddenly think about Misty and wonder how she is! I’m glad I checked so I can say a little prayer for her before sleep.
    (My gray roots are now about 1 inch. My husband asked me not to color my hair last week when he was on vacation, so I obliged. I’m still not ready to go gray!)

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