I have to confess that I have been getting a bit fed up with American politics. It will happen and then we simply have to deal with it. But I have found myself fascinated with the McCain – Palin idea. Having been a fan of Northern Exposure, it becomes all the more interesting. That whole programme reminded me of living in the Western Isles, many moons ago. People get more interesting when there are less of them and more country. So Sarah Palin appeals to something in my psyche. I don’t like guns and abhor shooting animals for sport, so even I am puzzled as to why I pay attention.

Perhaps it is to do with someone daring to stand up for what she believes as well as believing in herself at the same time. Anyway, I should plead the caveat that I am only seeing what the party machine wants me to see. That is the way the press and media work. Blogs are different though. Here, people ramble on about how they feel and what they think. That is what is helping to change the world despite rulers, leaders and politicians.

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  1. Lydia says:

    Perhaps I should just leave this box saying “no comments.” But I must express my dismay over the choice of Palin by McCain. She is simply unqualified to step in as president if it came to that. Her strong love for guns and the killing they perpetrate upon wildlife turns me away totally. I could never support someone who wants to drill in the arctic reserve. She’s already drunk on power and it’s barely hers yet. Heaven help the U.S. if the election goes to that ticket. Incidentally, I am one who thought the Rep. party was insane eight years ago for selecting Bush over McCain as its candidate – and I still feel that, now more than ever because eight years ago Palin would have been a one-term mayor of a town with less than 6,000 residents. She’s little more evolved at this point.

  2. Joan says:

    There may be just another reason why McCain picked Palin. She is Governs Alaska soon to be the richest State in the US with it’s Oil & Gas, and boy does she hold it in her grip……..maybe McCain want’s a slice too!
    Am I too cynical?!!

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