Another veterinary visit

Misty had another visit to the vet yesterday – this time to our home surgery. She shivered and was all pathetic despite being petted and reassured, but it turned out it was just as well she was seen again. One of her eyes is apparently not producing enough tears. (They do a special timed test with litmus paper.) So now she has a fortnight of twice daily application of a sticky cream, then a return visit. Her skin is slowly improving with the soothing baths. What a tough time for the little dog.

And for the adults too!

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3 Responses to Another veterinary visit

  1. Lydia says:

    There’s nothing quite as sad as a pet who doesn’t feel well. The eye must be very irritated, if not sore. I’ll keep you all in my prayers.
    Our Old English Sheepdog, Abby, has become incontinent to a small degree. She cannot hold all night any longer, so is wearing a diaper at bedtime. She’s been very agreeable about wearing it because she hates losing control. The vet has hormones that we can try if/when the condition worsens.
    Let’s all cheer up!

  2. freda says:

    Thanks, Lydia, so sorry to hear about Abby. You are right about cheering up – the animals are so stoic when they are not right, we can learn a lot from them.

  3. Lydia says:

    Yes we can, and we do!

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