North coast outing

Went to Banff and Macduff yesterday – principally to go to the petshop. Bug the dug is so hyperactive on a walk that the only answer is an expandable lead. Banff is a mixture of modernity and old style squalor. Yes – there is no other word for tacky gift shops, boarded up pubs and an emporium that has to be seen to be believed. A veritable tardis in which one gets lost amongst racks of cheap wetsuits and unbelievably bad fake flowers. The experience was made worse when upon making a bid for freedom out of an open firedoor, I was stopped by an officious employee declaring that this was not the way out. I pleaded illness; anyone would feel ill after being trapped by shoddy merchandise and dozy customers.

Then there is the other side to Banff. A project at the harbour and modern marina is well above standard. There is even a webcam online where you can see the glories of the town!

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