Long suffering dog

The tale is about Bug today. In case you have forgotten she is an eighteen month old Jack Russell terrier, given houseroom by Son#2 and family. We are on animal duty at present (horses, cats, dogs, hens, ducks etc) and time came to take the four dogs out for a walk. All was well with our own cairn terrier and the big black lab and elderly one (dog…..not me, of course!) But what a performance getting the harness on Bug. For a few minutes it looked as if she was not going to get a walk at all – however, patience paid off and she was duly inserted into the harness and able to walk. A previous false-fastening had her limping pathetically and looking with deep brown eyes as only a Jack Russell can look. Then what does she do? Misbehaves by chasing cows.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day. And a Sunday is a good day to try to be calm and in control.

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