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Next week we are due to go and see our 2yr old granddaughter in her dancing class concert. Apparently, this week she has been dressed up for rehearsals and to have photos taken. She thought it was the real thing and cannot understand that she has to do it all over again. What joy to be 2 and to have the thrill of every new day.

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  1. Mina says:

    I recall a small child with a similar experience – only his was going to school! After much anticipation and parading in school uniform he duly went along to the local Primary School with all the other little children. The only thing was he did not realise this was to be his life for the next 12 years as, at lunch time, he said to his mother “right – I have been to school so what do I do next?”

  2. freda says:

    That disposes of the myth that schooldays are the best days of your life!

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