That moment

The “Aha” moment of the day and a blessed one at that. A pair of goldfinches visiting the garden feeder. They are a rare sight here at the Dalamory Homestead. Where I used to live on the island of Seil, there were loads of them. I guess they don’t like it as much up here in the hills as by the sea.

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  1. Lydia says:

    Our kitchen window bird feeders are full of goldfinches this spring and I’m loving them so. We haven’t attracted them to our yard in ten years and I don’t know what has brought them now. I’ve always fed a specialty feed concoction called “Northwest Blend,” but the goldfinches tossed all the sunflower seeds onto the ground and ate only the cracked seeds. It made a huge mess and was becoming an expensive waste. So I switched to cracked sunflower seeds in one feeder and whole ones in the other. It worked. The chickadees, sparrows, rufus-sided towees, nuthatches, Oregon juncos, and house finches will eat both, but the goldfinches go only to the cracked seed feeder. No waste, no fuss.
    Now I will have to look in my atlas for the island you spoke of.

  2. freda says:

    You certainly have a wonderful array of birds visiting your garden, Lydia. You can get an idea of Seil from

  3. Lydia says:

    Thank you for the link. I think Seil looks spectacular! Did you raise your family there?

    I read your post about Spring, and see a bird called blue-tits. I’ve never heard of them, but we have a flock of about 30 tiny bush-tits that visit our suet feeder daily, year-round. They are gray with black beaks and beady black eyes and make a high-pitched sound not like a normal tweet. They must be related to blue-tits. The only blue colored birds we have are blue jays. I call them “peanut boys” because they feast on peanuts we put in the gazebo feeder. They have huge personalities!

  4. freda says:

    I like the idea of birds being called “peanut boys” – that suits are tiny blue-tits too. I lived on Seil from 1997-2005 where I was the parish minister. It is a beautiful place, but then it is lovely here too.

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