Builders none

This week so far:
Builders – none
Joiners – none
Plumbers – none
Electricians – none
Patience – gone.

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3 Responses to Builders none

  1. chris says:

    A word of sympathy – I’ve had decorators in my (large and cluttered) hall for the past week and a half, preceded by the electrician pulling up part of the landing. Right now, the carpet-fitters are banging destructively among the new paintwork; I may kill someone if they mess it up.
    And why do they always have to play Radio 2 on a trannie? Even when they’re hammering so hard it is but a distant twitter?

  2. Ray says:

    It makes you want to RUN AWAY!!!!!!!
    Why not join us tomorrow for the insanity that surrounds family research??

  3. freda says:

    But for the joys of the hairdresser……..
    Thanks for the understanding of what is needed, though. Running away is definitely appealing.

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